The Liberator was originally designed by the Cybernetic Families during The War to support the larger fleets as transports and scouts. They were designed to carry up to five modular cargo pods between the primary wedge and the engine section. Many pods were designed to carry fighters, weapons, and even ground forces over the years as The War pushed them into jobs they were not originally designed for. And the upgunned Privateer variant became the primary transport for independent Cowboy squadrons supporting the Alliance fleets. Cyberdyne Transtellar Shipping purchased almost all surviving Liberators after War’s End and now sends them throughout Alliance space with the mission of sending small amounts of high value cargo anywhere it is wanted. The Cowboys also continue to use their Privateer variants, though they blend into the existing transport traffic due to appearing identical to their unarmed cousins.

Liberator in full color on Deviantart

Liberator on Deviantart