We found the Lucas Cats on two of San Lucas’ major continents. The first was a tall and relatively narrow continent reaching from the warm equator up to the cold polar regions. It has a wide range of landscapes, starting with the rain forests in the south. A vast mountain range bisects the central region from coast to coast, and thick forests run to the rainforest in the south or the arctic wilderness in the north. The mountain peaks are year-round frozen wildernesses of their own, with the last of the trees dying off far down their flanks. The only easy travel from south to north goes through the deep mountain passes under cover of thick evergreen forests. Only a few large rivers and lakes break the nearly constant tree cover, and powerful tides caused by San Lucas’ large moon create wide and beautiful sandy beaches thousands of kilometers long. And the powerful hurricanes that often hit the continent’s southern half make the first hundred kilometers or so of land virtual no-go zones for the more intelligent of the Lucas Cats. We simply built hurricane-resistant buildings and enjoy the beautiful vistas as long as the planet is not trying to kill us. And even then. San Lucas hurricane parties are legendary for a reason.