The South American colonists of San Lucas had a difficult road pacifying the single small continent they’d made their home. New Brazil was rich and beautiful, but it was also home to one of the most dangerous alpha predators we have found in our travels throughout the stars. A predator who enjoyed the taste of fresh human flesh. The colonists spent decades hunting, and being hunted by, that dangerous animal and slowly driving it away from every human settlement they built. It is hard to know exactly how many of the sabertoothed cats they killed under New Brazil’s forest canopies, but those hides became common decorations on San Lucas. And San Lucas made a fortune selling them and other local delicacies to the rich and famous of Earth’s upper echelons. They soon realized that a significant part of their domestic economy depended on a constant supply of the sabertooth hides. And so they created vast nature preserves to maintain a stable population for future harvesting.