The Neko of New Japan have been around in some form for centuries. They used to be purely cosmetic, but advances in gengineering allowed some Japanese to make the changes permanent and even capable of being passed on to their children. There are innumerable types of Neko, ranging from those with just cat eyes, ears, or tails, to those who have everything up to fur growing all over their body. Some have even taken to mimicking the Cats of San Lucas, though there are still significant complications in body modifications that extravagant. The vast majority of Japanese Neko, and the Westerners who seek to join that community, keep their standard humaniform with only minor changes. Those changes can be significantly functional though, as those Neko who fully learn to use their tails can attest. Many of them have eyes and ears with different acuity as well, and those with fur have an entirely different sense of touch than most of humanity. While not a full race of humanity yet, they show promise towards becoming one in the future, which says interesting things about the future of Earthborn humanity.