The Neko culture was based in Los Angeles for centuries, after the Japanese evacuated the Home Islands during the Fall of Japan. The Neko spread out all over the worlds in time, but their center was Los Angeles. The vast majority of them wore prosthetics or makeup to obtain the desired effect, and could return to their normal human life whenever they wished, with no one the wiser. But the most fanatical Nekos have used full gengineering to permanently change their bodies for centuries. They have become catlike in looks and genes, and they have had children. Most of them died, along with millions of other people, when the Shang brought a piece of Yosemite Station down on Los Angeles. Considering their views on genetic manipulation of humanity, I doubt the Shang cried a single tear over that loss. The surviving Neko cried many tears, I assure you. Then they stood back up and fought, much like the rest of us.