I have never understood exactly how Easter is calculated. It is some black art mixing mathematics, calendars, star charts, and tide patterns or something like that. I have never known when Easter would be. Imagine my wry amusement when people started saying it was on April Fools Day. Now I may be a bit slow at times, but Momma Pryde did not raise a fool. So I assumed people were funning me.

Then I found out they were right and that was a mind job. So what do you do when Easter, the day we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, ends up on April Fools Day? Ignore it in some kind of stuffy huff because a silly day for making jokes happens to coincide with it? Or run with that theatre of the absurd?

Well. It’s me here. What do you think I’m going to do?

Laugh at the devil and say “April Fools! He fooled you, He fooled you!”