Most Japanese Kitsune do not have gengineered tails and ears, let alone fox-like fur. But there are some who go all the way towards being truly fox-like, and they look up to those who make the choice to permanently change themselves. The changes can be passed on to children, though they are not always dominant. It depends on the level of gengineering performed. Sometimes the changes are temporary, though most don’t consider that gengineering at all. Sometimes they only last for the lifetime of the individual. The best gengineering changes the genes passed on to their children, but even those don’t always take. Sometimes they are recessive, while in other cases they will dominate whenever they are present. And some traits can be dominant while others are recessive. I’ve seen plenty of Kitsune with ears but no tails. The fur is the hardest to maintain dominance, and is the rarest of the modifications that breed true. There were never very many of them. Most of them died when Yosemite fell.