I had a lot of fun at Dairycon this weekend. I setup a couple X-Box 360s and had some games and cartoons available to play. Transformers the Movie, and the original TV show. Some Transformers themed games. Fun stuff like that. Lots of people stopped to relax and watch between bouts of going off in search of toys they wish they could afford when they were young. And I did some advertising for my little stories. I didn’t bring anything to sell, mind you, since I wasn’t an official vendor, and hadn’t even planned to keep my stuff up on Saturday. But it was a good setup on Friday, and the guy in charge liked it. So I asked if he wanted me to keep it up, and he said yes. Sometimes that’s just how things happen. It was fun to see the people enjoying the station. And that’s the whole reason we go to conventions. To have fun. So, mission accomplished. I’ll be back again, and so will my little station of fun. And maybe I’ll even dust off and polish up some of my old Transformers fan fiction and bring that too. 😉