The Second Great Depression ended the world created by World War II. The United Nations was a grand experiment of the Western World after we defeated our enemies. What we failed to understand at the time was that not everyone in the world wanted to be like The West. The Chinese believe they are the greatest civilization in all the worlds, and forever resented being forced to play by our rules. And Russia never did believe in doing anything that did not benefit them. They and others joined our game because we were the strongest game in town. But they were never willing participants, and they always looked for other games to play. It is not accurate to blame them, though. We made our own mistakes. Probably the most correct answer to the question of why the Second Great Depression happened is that we never truly cooperated. We each in our own ways tried to game the system to beat the other guys. And that stressed the system beyond its ability to survive. And that is how we broke it all. That is how the grand experiment failed.