I wrote about the major issues I had with Avengers Infinity War last week. The short version is, Hollywood Tactics 101. But stepping back from the climactic battle of collective idiocy, the rest of the movie was actually very good.

The characters is where the movie did everything the best. Even Thanos had a rational-to-him reason for doing what he did. Every character on screen had at least one shining moment to show their abilities and character off. A crowning moment of awesome. We basically got to see all of the people we’ve learned to like over the last decade get together, exchange some wise cracks, and go kick some alien butt.

It was, in most cases, the very definition of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. The problem is the end. Of course. Which makes this a seriously incomplete movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and 2 did the two movies with one story much better IMHO. Each movie was complete on its own, and you didn’t even realize at the end of Vol 1 that you NEEDED to watch Vol 2. But watching Vol 2 makes Vol 1 better. They are two movies designed to be watched together.

I think people will think the same of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 in the future. That they are two movies meant to be seen together. But where Guardians Vol 1 left us happy and feeling complete, Infinity War leaves us feeling like we’ve only seen half a movie. What I saw was fun and beautiful right up until the last minute or two. And that is a disappointment to me as a movie goer.

I still give it two Awesome Facial Hair Bros high fiving, but that is mainly based on the first 99% of the movie. Yes. Even the Hollywood Tactics 101. The last 1% of the movie leaves the rating in question until Avengers 4 comes out.