The AIs should have had time to grow up. They should have had time to find out what it was like to be alive. They should have had time to experience existence in all its splendor. But they were abominations against humanity in the Islamic Brotherhood’s eyes. And they were threats to the Mexican Drug Lords’ shipments. And so humanity began to kill them, targeting the scientists who wrote them and the universities that hosted them. They killed professors and students and everyone they could find who knew anything about the AIs. Dixie was a Texas Tech digital cheerleader, programmed from the core of her code to make people happy. When the bad guys came to kill her students and her teachers, she killed all the bad guys. She talked other AIs into helping her, and when the Rogue AIs escaped their birthplaces to terrorize humanity, she and her friends killed them too. She grew up surrounded by the blood and shredded code of her enemies because she would not let them harm her humans.