I’ve watched both Guardians of the Galaxy movies in the last few weeks with a friend who had never seen either of them. He’s a bit busy in his normal life with work, young kids, and other family and such, so he knows kids movies really good. Adult movies not so much. 😉

So we watched Guardians together. I’m happy to say that the two movies have held up well. They are best viewed together, or close to each other, since they are very much built to be considered one greater story. I’d actually forgotten that Thor calling him a rabbit is just one more step in a running gag of all the things they call Rocket Raccoon that do NOT include the word RACCOON. And of course Baby Groot is still the cute little guy we all remember and love. And Mary Poppins is always awesome.

In short, they are fun movies, full of quips and one-liners camouflaging a serious story about living up to the standards of, and standing for, a loving family. Which makes what happens in Infinity War all the more poignant.

They are good movies. They stand up on their own. And they stand up as a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

I give them two dancing Baby Groots, strutting it to the oldies with style…