I grew up in a special place. International Falls. On the border between America and Canada. The Boundary Waters spanned hundreds of kilometers across the border from the Great Lakes to the Lake of the Woods, creating a space where a man could find peace on the water that he could never find in the middle of a great city. That is why they came to International Falls. We brought city folk into the edge of the wilderness and helped them get back to nature. We were a vacation destination, a place where city folk could forget all the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. That’s why we went to such lengths to appear as if we were one with nature as well. Which I suppose actually worked to a degree. I’ve always been more at home on the lake or the beach than in some corporate gopher farm. But that doesn’t mean I was a neophyte either. I grew up with the same tech everybody else did. Mine just hid behind wooden walls, concealed earbuds, and contact displays the city folk never realized a resident of flyover country like myself might just wear.