Jack and the gang happy to dress up and say Trick or Treat. Happy Halloween. Whatever floats your boat. It’s a day to party, dress up in crazy different outfits, and have fun. Maybe eat a bit too much candy to start off the Holiday Season which will very quickly end up with us eating way too much of other stuff too.

You know…it’s a wonder we don’t all end up looking like blimps come January.

Well. Anyways.

Jasmine is enjoying duel-wielding weapons as a warrior woman while wearing plot armor. And Betty is doing her wizard thing once more, though this time she decided to wear something with a little more…freedom of movement for those tricky magic spells. Yeah…that’s it. It couldn’t possibly be anything else, right?

And Jack traded in his monk wear for a nice functional, and fully covering, set of more rogueish clothing. I think the girls are jealous. He has pockets.

You know…come to think of it…this kinda looks like a fantasy trope all of a sudden.

Well. Anyways.

Dress for the weather. Try not to get chilly out there. Those of you in the Northern climates may want to make sure you can wear a snowsuit under your costume. Just saying. Been there. Done that. You know the drill.

Happy Halloween!

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