Christian Mack was not part of Knights Errant Investigations before he played the part of one of their Knights Errant, but he believed in making his roles as accurate as possible. So he asked K.E.I. to join the original concept team for the series, vet each episode’s storyline before filming, and to train all actors in K.E.I. standards and protocols. Many extras and guest stars in the series were real life Knights Errant, and K.E.I. even supplied the AIs featured in it. In an industry that often suffers from idiotic stories a five-year old could pick apart and unrealistic gunplay with neverending bullets, Christian Mack’s series distinguished itself with stories picked directly from real life cases and action scenes even the professionals could accept. The fact that he did all his own stuntwork helped with that. The fact that he was Ageless allowed him to survive doing all of his own stuntwork. Everything combined made the show number one in its genre for over a decade, and it spawned numerous spin-off series and competitors that shamelessly stole its ideas. Christian Mack became a household name on Earth and beyond and never looked back.