There are famous scenes and images in every nation’s history. Churchill saying “We Shall Never Surrender” or De Gaulle’s “Long Live Free France.” The ability to record the exact instant when a descendant of Napoleon gave his “All Free Frenchmen” speech has given France the ability to save her very history. To relive the explosions that smashed the walls all around him. To watch a green-haired girl in a tattered pink dress named Chloe kill one Islamic Brotherhood assassin after another as they followed the explosions in. To witness Napoleon pausing to take a sip of wine while Chloe killed the last assassin behind him. To observe her battered, bruised, and bloody frame standing next to his unbowed frame as he returned to his call for all Free Frenchmen to stand for France. To see Chloe straighten her dress and smile as Napoleon ignored the cut on his cheek as if the Brotherhoods no longer mattered at all. It is a moment in time forever saved for all of France to see, experience, and never forget.