Hyperspace split open with another series of rainbow explosions and ten new ships came into normalspace about two lightseconds away. They were outside effective weapons range, but Jack felt a warning alarm begin to clang in the back of his mind.

These people were dangerous to him.

“You’re certain these are not your friends, Wing Commander?”

“I am certain, Captain.”

A display blinked to show him that their sensor emissions matched standard Shang systems, and their size matched standard Shang destroyers.

“Well, then,” Jack said and flexed his fingers in preparation for the fight to come. “I suppose you won’t mind if I shoot them up a bit?”

“Not at all. Might I inquire if you wish help?”

“Oh, please,” Jack said with all the breezy confidence he could project. “There’s only ten of them. I’ve got them outnumbered all on my lonesome.”

Then hyperspace opened up a second time and ten more destroyers exited hyperspace near the first.

“You were saying?”

“That quality matters much more than quantity, of course.”

“Of course.”

Then ten cruisers came out of hyperspace…

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