I saw Captain Marvel smile this weekend. Like a fifteen year old boy realizing he has superpowers and trying them out because its fun. Which…you know…is exactly the case. Not that they ever actually call him Captain Marvel. They spend most of the movie trying out several marvelous names. Captain Sparkle Fingers came up more than once to the laughter of pretty much everybody.

Perhaps one day the original Captain Marvel will get to use his name again, but today is not that day.

Today is a good day to see the best Captain Marvel movie I have ever seen, though. It is light hearted, a bit campy, and filled with the kind of joy and laughter that only kids having fun can bring to life. And grown up adults trying to act like children having fun. I swear, the physical acting of grown up adults in this movie to appear childlike is…marvelous. And perfectly in balance and tenor to what you would expect in a Captain Marvel story.

And all of that is wrapped around the story of trying to find family. Yes, there is a real story in this movie. It is darker in some ways than many movies. The Seven Deadly Sins do make an appearance or three, you know. But they are balanced by the optimism, joy, and…hope…of a child who gets the powers of a wizard by saying a single word.


Go see it. I think you will like it. I most certainly loved it.