The Blizzard of Eighty Seven was the worst storm I remember as a child. 2287. It was so cold our cars wouldn’t start and we couldn’t have flown in that wind even if they did. Half of our cold weather rescue gear froze up as we were trying to find people lost out in that mess. Yeah, it was bad, even for us. It was just a walk in the park for those purple-skinned Peloran though. They wore t-shirts and shorts, and those eyes could see through the driving snow better than any gear we had that still worked. It is a surreal experience to be wearing my best snowmobile suit because I’m freezing cold, while following a girl showing as much skin as I usually see on a beach in summer. And she’s purple. I think I fell a little bit in love that day. We saved a lot of people before the blizzard ended. A lot of them would have died without those purple skins on our side. They’re real handy to have around a place that specializes in cold at least half the year.