In 2205, we learned the answer to one of the oldest questions of all time. Are we alone? They brought medicines with them that nearly wiped out diseases, and extended the human lifespan into the centuries. They helped us study advanced technologies, and expand our colonies hundreds of lightyears from Earth. It was a golden age that many thought would never end.

Then their enemies brought War to us all. We gave them a belly full of it. We drove them out of Alpha Centauri and assembled the largest, most powerful fleet that had ever flown under Terran banners. Third Fleet was our best hope to defeat them and bring a quick end to The War. It failed.

Now the last survivor of that doomed expedition sails for Alpha Centauri. Returning home is always the greatest wish of a soldier, but home does not always welcome their return. The heavy cruiser Los Angeles and her crew have made enemies, both foreign and domestic, and they have plans for her. But she is not without friends, and they have plans as well. Can she survive when all of those plans crash into each other?


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