I remember coming home from work to find out a plane had hit one of the World Trade towers. I remember watching live when the second plane hit the second tower. I remember a third plane hitting the Pentagon. I remember hearing about a fourth plane being highjacked and then going down after the passengers attacked the highjackers. I remember watching people jumping from the upper floors because they didn’t want to burn to death. I remember watching the first tower fall. I remember watching the second tower fall.

I remember the BattleTech fansite I was an admin for preemptively removing me as an admin because they didn’t want the only American admin posting anything about this on their website. I remember them locking down the forums because they didn’t want any of the fansite’s American members to talk about it on their website. I remember being unable to talk to my closest online friends about what was going on, on what is very possibly the worst day of my adult life.

9-11 changed our world. Every one of us alive now, has had our world changed by what happened that day. Some of us lost parents, partners, siblings, or children. Some of us lost friends. Some of us lost jobs. Some of us got new jobs. Some of us signed up to protect our country. We went to Afghanistan and Iraq, and we are still there today. The government got new rules and knew ways of investigating people.

Our world changed that day, and I will never forget.