Four of the five surviving Micronesian American States are scattered throughout the Caroline Island Chain, the Mariana Islands, and the Marshall Islands. American Samoa exercises political allegiance with Micronesia, despite being well outside the geographical borders. The Line Islands are American territories that have never pursued Statehood, and most of the Gilbert Islands remain members in good standing of the British Commonwealth. All of them rely on tourist dollars to keep their economies running. Tourists and of course the various Western Alliance military bases scattered all over the island groups. The Micronesian Islands, and the various island chains protecting Australia from Chinese bases in Occupied Indonesia are some of the most heavily militarized islands on Earth. If a hot war ever started on Earth, those islands would be some of the first strikes. Until then, the local soldiers live the high life in some of the best resorts on Earth when they go on liberty, and people throughout the Western Alliance come to enjoy those same resorts. It is an odd mixture of laid back islander life and high energy partying, and you can often see both lifestyles in minutes by walking down the block.