The western parts of the Federated States of Micronesia border Occupied Palau and are home to both a massive military presence and the southern tip of America‚Äôs the Great Pacific Firewall. The eastern islands are where most of the civilian population lives and where most of the fun happens. They have massive hotels, clean beaches, shining casinos, and anything else they can use to tempt tourists into coming to Micronesia. Or soldiers on liberty. The combination of tourists, locals, and soldiers can sometimes result in complications, the least of which is…intelligence in nature. Much like Palau, the Federated States are a hotbed of those who are romantically called spies, and there is a very non-romantic cloak and dagger war raging throughout the region as different intelligence agencies attempt to pull one over on all of the others. Or police their own. American soldiers are admonished against accepting any gifts while on liberty, and many have found their careers shortened or derailed when caught doing so despite this. But things can get stickier when it comes to the exchange of cash and favors. It is true that you can buy almost anything in the Federated States, whether you are in the bright and shiny tourist markets of the day, or the dangerous dark alleys of the night, but one should always be careful about bringing it home with you.