The new Empress of Japan fled Okinawa and traveled east across the Pacific Ocean in the last great fleet to leave Fallen Asia. But not every refugee, civilian or military, was able or willing to set sail with her. Most of them found their way to Micronesia in the West Pacific Ocean. Guam was the largest and most populous islands in Micronesia, and had been one of America’s primary military bases in the Pacific after the Second World War. So every surviving military asset that didn’t leave with the Empress found safe haven there. American. Korean. Vietnamese. Taiwanese. Japanese. Guam represented every fallen nation in Asia by the time China sent their very best blue-water invasion force across the Philippine Sea to crush the last great impediment to their Pacific strategy. America had shackled them for too long, and it was time for China to rise. But while China had the very best ocean-going warships in their fleet, they lacked the centuries of ocean-going experience built into the spines of other, older navies. That would prove devastatingly important when the storms came to lash the Philippine Sea and all upon it.