Guam is the largest and most diverse island in all of Micronesia. The Second Great Depression and the desperate defense against Chinese aggression wedded them firmly to the United States for their survival, and they soon became an official American State. Guam boasts contingents that fly every flag of Fallen Asia, though in a notable difference from the Continental States, they fly the American flag above their own. Older States often find that practice provincial or backwards, but Guam uses the American flag to unite all the peoples who fled the Chinese juggernaut and can still see its smog banks on the horizon to this day. This diverse and energized population has built Guam into one of the bustling centers of industry in the Pacific. They’ve built or settled hundreds of tiny islands all around Guam, and their western air purifying towers are some of the best on Earth and beyond. They are the bulwark of the Western Alliance, living in the shadow of China’s legacy, but holding the light of freedom aloft as Fallen Taiwan and Japan once did.