There are over a thousand Marshall Islands spread out over around two-dozen of the least resource rich coral atolls in Micronesia. And for an area of the ocean known for its resource poor islands, that is saying something. The Marshall Islands have not prospered overly much from the investments of New Hong Kong businessmen like the western islands, nor from the wild resort and intelligence industries that more southern islands boast. And even the United States military enclaves spread throughout Kwajalein Atoll bring only minimal money to the other islands. Their greatest industry is leasing small parcels of land to wealthy individuals who wish a quiet and secluded vacation destination for their families. Marshall Islanders do not allow outsiders to outright own land, but the small leases have allowed the various clan chiefs to maintain enough cash flow to provide for basic necessities amongst their people. They will never be rich, though, and they face a constant brain-drain as capable and driven youths leave their islands to find opportunity elsewhere in Micronesia and beyond.