I use one of the more common render engines out there for newbies, DAZ Studio to design and render character images that I then use when writing. I will often have that character art open when writing stories with those characters in them. It helps me identify with the character better, along with having their brief bios open as well. And as various holidays show up, I enjoy putting them into holiday-themed scenes.

This is another character that showed up in the second of my Wolfenheim stories. She is Commodore Caroline Murphy’s chief of staff, and it will be revealed that they were childhood friends in the next story. Don’t worry about spoilers. That’s an early admission that sets the stage for the rest of the story to come to a conclusion. The past and the future are not as separate as some may wish us to think, after all. They influence each other in ways that many people miss, but I’ll do my best to make sure that the readers don’t miss it in this case. 😉

So here is Kristina Brown, youthful friend to a young scion of one of the Great Families of Earth. You may assume that her family is not entirely unconnected as well. 😉