Those who earned new Life Debts to the people of the Socialist Republic of Juneau had numerous ways of paying back their Debt. Most often these were in low risk services like cleaning the public roads or emptying the trash in public venues. Another way to pay off their Debt was for individuals with higher Social Credit to use some of their Credit to buy a portion of the Life Debt, creating a term of Indentured Servitude for the duration of the resulting Social Contract. This formalized a long tradition of The State providing individual servants for the Zero Balancers under the old system, and has helped to create an interesting economy in Juneau. Since all the necessities of life are free, the very best family servants, such as celebrities who have incurred Debt by violating the Social Contract, become a way of showing status. And so the upper crust of Juneau take every opportunity to show off their, sometimes very famous, Indentured Servants to other upper crust families.