The lowest classes of the Socialist Republic of Juneau under the old Life Debt system were filled with those burdened under generations of legal or social infractions that had ballooned their Life Debt beyond any ability to repay. Others earned Life Debts through truly terrible acts that proved they could never be part of society again. These lowest casts, often living off the public largess in Debtors Prisons, were too deplorable or irredeemable to be allowed to pollute the best and most Socially Aware society in all the worlds once the Life Debt system was largely removed. So they were ceremoniously packed onto passenger boats and deposited outside the borders of Juneau. Though there are persistent rumors that not all who got onto the boats made it to safety outside Juneau. Many families tell stories of people who disappeared during the exodus from Juneau, though in the vast majority of cases they were later found having simply been packed onto a different boat with a different destination. Still, the rumors of mass disappearances continue to this day and numerous conflicting studies have been penned in the decades that have followed.