The new Republic of Texas had an interesting relationship with both Mexico and America. America recognized Texas independence, and Texas happily welcomed further immigration from America. But neither major political party in America wanted to annex Texas. Mexico refused to accept Texas independence, and promised to drag them back whenever they found the time to do it from all their other distractions. Texas therefore did what was best for Texas, and tried to negotiate terms for peaceful annexation into both nations, at the same time. The Mexicans neither rejected nor accepted the deal, but President Tyler of the United States sought to win a second term and thought annexing Texas could provide him that win. He failed to win the next election, but did succeed in getting the annexation passed by Congress. At which point, Mexico finally agreed to accept Texas independence as long as they did not join America. Texas, with their typical respect for the demands of others, smiled, gave Mexico the proverbial middle finger, and voted to join America in 1846.