The Texas State Guard went to great lengths to secure the Texas borders during the Second Great Depression. They also worked with neighboring reserve and national guard agencies to further encourage order where it could be maintained. All while working to not officially mobilize on American soil. It was a delicate balance, and many of them went to work under the official command of local law offices. The Texas Rangers as an example assembled more of their men and women on the old Mexican border to answer rising drug cartel attacks, and the Texas State Guard effectively became their heaviest hammer when drug cartel nails needed extreme reactions. So when Texas finally moved to deal with the Drug Lord problem once and for all, they gave the job to the Texas Rangers. Who called their good friends in the Texas State Guard, who called their good friends in the neighboring States, who all went to work with a coordination that stunned the Drug Lords on the other side of the Mexican border. It was this action that historians credit with creating the reborn Republic of Texas we all know in the present day.