The commander of Fort Hood did not follow the orders the new President sent down to deploy against the civilian Texas government. And he would later admit that he leaked the repeatedly explicit orders to the media before the already scheduled press conference about another, unrelated issue. Questions about the orders came up of course, and he was quick to say that they could not possibly have come from the President, since any orders like that would be unconstitutional. And he threw out the red herring of looking for the perpetrators who had faked the orders to allow the federal government to back down gracefully. The new President as it happened did not know how to back down gracefully, and attempted to have him cashiered. The military promised to get on that and then proceeded to slow roll the proceedings against Fort Hood’s commander. Unhappy with their pacing, the President’s last budget passed by his Congress before the new Senate came into office completely defunded Fort Hood in favor of far more important social programs.