The key thing to understand about Joint Base San Antonio is that it was a sprawling complex. Fort Sam Houston was inside San Antonio, while the air bases and camps were spread out all around the city. The reservations were many miles distant from each other. Yes. Miles. Miles were the dominant measurement of the time, and in fact the Republic of Texas still uses them to this day for ground purposes. They claim that is because replacing all of their mile markers would be too expensive, but I contend it is their latent rebellious streak against changes they did not pioneer. The point is that Joint Base San Antonio is not now and was not then a large contiguous range of bases. There were entire miles of houses and factories and parks and roads between the sprawling parts of the base. Roads that they did not use to travel back and forth. Joint Base San Antonio was entirely connected via a spiderweb of underground tunnels specifically built to bring the base together and stop any foe from separating any single part of the base from support from any of the others. That would prove important in the months and years that followed.