The Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex burned during the Second Great Depression Riots. The mayors supported the “peaceful protestors” until the Tarrant County Posse grew large enough to oppose them by recruiting the Marines of Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base and the various police officers resigning from their positions throughout the Metroplex. It was a long and difficult road, and the Metroplex mayors fought the sheriff at every opportunity. The posse eventually marched the mayors in Tarrant County out of their town halls and into the jailhouse after running popular referendums that recalled every single one of them. They had no authority in Dallas, but their cities recovered under county management. Tarrant became a beacon of opportunity in Texas, and soon eclipsed Dallas and Harris in economic power, cultural activity, and even population as the various wars brought in refugees looking for a better life. Tarrant rebuilt itself into one of the vital hearts that powered the Republic of Texas throughout the rest of the century and into the next, and is now the single richest and most powerful county in the entire Republic. All roads lead to Tarrant County.