Not every battlefield Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base’s units fought on was one they expected to face. The Drug Wars were fairly simple. Kill the drug cartels. Texas gave them targets, and they serviced the targets. The Islamic Jihad’s mass use of human shields was a much more difficult challenge, though Texas had less exposure to that conflict than other States. The Cybernetic Wars were particularly complicated, but the reserve units at the base tended to use less technologically advanced weapons that were far more resistant to Rogue AI hacking attempts. The friendly AIs who would later form the AI Council were quick to help defend their most advanced weapons, such as the Cowboys’ F-35s. And when it came time to make a stand against the Chinese, Texas sent the Cowboys to make sure the lesson took. It is perhaps ironic that they ended up flying with the Chinese during the final assaults against the Singapore Collective. Then they returned home to Fort Worth JRB and began acclimating to the new world they had defended and helped create.