Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base slept for over two centuries after the Second Great Depression. Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines stopped off there on the way to retirement or other jobs. Daily life went on as normal, clerks monitoring ammunition and weapon checks, or bringing in shipments of food for the weekends. Then a rotating assemblage of units would form up to refresh their skills before going back to their normal lives. It was a quiet life, interrupted only by natural disaster relief missions and basic training. More than one administration even entertained the idea of closing the base, but inertia and history kept it open. No one wanted the black mark of closing a base with Fort Worth JRB’s history on their own records. But they did lower some of the units based there into deep maintenance mode, administrative commanders in place with no men or women to command. Even Contact wasn’t enough to do much more than call up a week’s worth of active duty cleaning and training of those units that still had personnel. The aliens were not going to start anything, so Fort Worth JRB returned to its deep sleep once more.