Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base woke up from over two centuries of slumber when the Shang dropped Yosemite Yards onto half of America. They did not care about the strike on the District of Columbia. Those were dirty rotten feds. They had done something to deserve it. Most Texans could come up with examples. Plural. It was the Yosemite Strike that brought the base to action. The Shang had killed Americans and Texans they cared about, so they activated every command affiliated with them in any way. If the units did not have the men to fight effectively, they called up full retirees, the descendents of those who had served on the base, or entirely new volunteers. They needed new blood to go to War, and Fort Worth JRB bustled with new activity and life. They reactivated more units than the base could support and sent them out to do battle throughout the stars. Some served under the American flag, others under a Texas flag, and some flew both. The War had come for Fort Worth JRB, and it would change the base forever.