Imagine that you are the kind of person who would buy a house and then stop paying on it.

Imagine that you might promise all kinds of ways to pay the debt, but never deliver.

Imagine that when ordered to leave for not paying, you don’t really want to.

Imagine that you buy new trucks, boats, and guns to enjoy your vacations, but ignore all legal orders to pay up or move out.

Imagine that you show up to court in a hunting jacket and cap, and are told to leave within 10 days or the Sheriff will see you out.

Imagine that the governor puts a stay on all evictions before that 10 days is up.

Imagine that you have months more time to enjoy the free housing, and of course you take advantage of that opportunity.

Imagine that the governor finally allows evictions completed before the current emergency to go through again, and suddenly you are ordered out with one day’s notice.

Imagine that you leave beds, couches, trash, pet feces, and dead pets behind in the rush to get out.

Imagine that you leave behind floors and ceilings so sodden with water that they are spongy and drooping.

Imagine that you have spent the better part of two years doing everything in your power to cheat and steal from the man who owns the house you are freeloading in.

I suppose you would imagine that you are fairly important in that man’s life, wouldn’t you?

Imagine a man walking into your store a few days after you leave to buy a garbage can and some garbage bags.

Imagine that man telling you, offhand, that he just got possession of his house back, and is buying these garbage bags so he can take out the trash the other guy left him.

Imagine the realization that the man you’ve been stealing from for two years doesn’t even consider you important enough to recognize in conversation.

Yeah. I am the homeowner. I did that and walked away.

*Slips on shades with a smile*