There is an old saying about the Republic of Texas. “Everything is bigger in Texas.” That was not generally true of the Texas Navy due to their reliance on smaller ships that carried fighters. Yes, they did buy some cruisers, battlecruisers, and even battleships, but those ships were generally shorter-legged than their homegrown designs and were relegated primarily to system defense roles. The Dallas-class heavy cruiser would change that. She was the largest Pre-War cruiser of the era, the first cruiser to carry twelve starfighters into combat, and boasted the largest capital missile array of any cruiser for a time. But her true claim to fame was as the first mass-production warship to carry a paired-array of spinal gravitic cannons. The Texans wanted a long-legged flagship for their far off detachments. What they got was loudly praised as the biggest, baddest cruiser of the era.