Fort Hood was famous as the home of armored cavalry during the decades leading up to the Second Great Depression. They were, by the Grace of God, blessed to be stationed in the Great State of Texas. Home of the American Cavalry. Where it was still recognized as the preeminent branch of the American Army. Every good soldier aspired to be a cavalryman, complete with spurs and cowboy hat. They were loud, proud, and confident in their ability to defeat any foe that faced them. Some people described them as more Texan than the Texans. They were rarely quick to dispute that charge, and aggressively recruited similar-minded individuals from all over America and beyond. Fort Hood soon became a home for disgruntled soldiers other commands were happy to get rid of permanently. With new regulations discouraging short-term transfers of personnel between bases, this allowed the military bureaucracy to write off the problematic personnel to Fort Hood and the surrounding environs where they did not need to worry about them. Nothing important happened in the Deplorable State of Texas after all.