We discovered the cats who lived on San Lucas’ eastern continent not long after the natives of the western continent made Contact with us. We studied the cats of Hankou to find that they were in a decades-long civil and religious war for supremacy under the grumbling of the central volcano. Then Mount Inferno blew its top in an explosion that sent ash far into the upper atmosphere. Continuing eruptions covered the entire world in darkness for months, causing an ecological crisis even on the other side of the world where most humans lived. It was the single greatest planetary ecological disaster witnessed in all the worlds of humanity until The War came upon us all. We dispatched relief fleets through Asgard with food, air purifiers, power satellites and other necessities to keep the colonists alive. It was the largest Pre-War movement of supplies and people, with ships coming from every single human nation. It would be too much to say that the disaster united humanity in common bonds of friendship. But there was a time when a Chinese food transport could park next to an American warship protecting Russian troop transports whose soldiers were operating under South American commanders while giving aid to starving colonists.