An interesting point about the Marine Corps of Jack’s time, is that they were often the first to test designs that the Army wanted to build. They deployed and optimized them for Marine uses, and their tweaks often found their way back to the Army version. Marine hands tested both the Pattons and Katos before the Army deployed those tanks and mechs in large numbers. And the Marines absolutely fell in love with the Army’s Warthog. A massive gun strapped onto a mech that could transform into an aircraft capable of deploying and operating in space? It was a Marine’s wet dream, and they totally designed their own Cerberus to fill a similar role. The Marines did not care where an effective weapon came from. If they could use it, they wanted it. Even if laws said they couldn’t buy them from the source. The Marines were very good at circumventing laws like that, to the surprise of not a single person who knew the misguided individuals in question.