American Samoa is much like the Midwestern States in many ways, if you replace the endless tracks of fields with endless tracks of ocean. Small towns or clan gathering areas of between a hundred and a thousand people dot the various islands, both natural and manmade. They farm fish instead of wheat or corn for a living, and they work long hours to keep their boats and nets working. Samoan fishers are trained in the old ways, without relying on personal fishing assistants to do their work, just as they are taught in school to do their own math and remember their history from their own memory rather than using a personal computer. The granting of personal computer and personal assistant is a coming of age ceremony in modern Samoa, proof that the child is one step closer to becoming an adult. The work ethic they learn as children is one of the traits that make Samoans so effective when they go to seek success in the big city of Pago Pago and beyond.