I fought with Caroline Murphy a few times back during The War. And then there was this one day out at Sunnydale when we were assembling the fleets to attack the Hyades. Wolfenheim came through looking to stock up on consumables and I went over to share a beer with my favorite starship captain. And that was when this destroyer squadron came off the New Earth Run and started broadcasting for all to hear. I took one look at Caroline’s transmission and told Olivia to never underestimate that woman. Right before I exited stage left and got out of the line of fire. I took the time to message Caroline before she followed them out system. We may have had a heart to heart about Wolfenheim, but she was a product of the Pennsylvania Families. And she was stubborn. I suppose that’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, but we parted on civil terms, and she disappeared into the wild black yonder. I spent the next two decades wondering what came of her out there. Then I found out. Then everyone found out.

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