The fighting in the Borderplex involved local police and sheriffs, Texas Rangers, action teams from nearby Joint Base White Sands, and what remained of the local Mexican police and army. With both the American and Mexican federal governments effectively gone, they banded together to fight the gangs and drug cartels trying to take over their streets. The international border between them was a hindrance to coordination that they chose to ignore, and they traveled together throughout the region in their efforts to work together. And yes. Dixie and her little misfit gang of Texas Tech students and teachers did show up to help as well, though the portrayals in her shows were not entirely accurate to real life. It was many long months of violence and death in the streets before they managed to suppress the worst of the gangs and drive the drug cartels out. But when it was done, the Borderplex stood tall, secure, and poised to move forward into a new future with their Texan allies.