Chinese hyperdrives were never as fast as ours after the Peloran came, but the Chinese held Capella. That star system was one of the strongest beacons systems we settled in the early years, and it was strong enough to form a direct connection with Elnath. Despite their slower hyperdrives, the Capella-Elnath Bridge was one of the most powerful routes humanity controlled in the years after Contact. It allowed the Chinese to travel out to the Hyades Cluster far faster than any of our ships could make the Sunnydale Run. Capella and Elnath was their highway to the Hyades, and they used it to turn the cluster into the strongest fortress in the stars humanity had ever created. The Earthborn part of humanity at least. And considering how important Capella and Elnath were to keeping the cluster in contact with Earth, they were heavily defended as well. Easily an equal to everything we built at Sunnydale.