I was born after First Contact.

I took the treatments the Peloran brought that lengthened all of our lives and I’m one of them who got the side effects.  My body don’t age at all.

When the war came, I met Betty.  She’s my ship and she’s a good one.

We joined the Cowboys and we flew off Peloran ships when our ships got hurt.  They gave me the name Hart.  They have a thing for animals you see.

After the war we retired.  Didn’t really want to fight and die for someone else you understand.

So now we work for ourselves.  We ship cargo.  We collect bounties.  We do a little bit of this.  We do a little bit of that.

I’ve kept the name the Peloran gave me.  I bled a lot for it you see.

My name is Jack.  Jack Hart.

I hear people have taken to calling me Jack of Harts.