I have published numerous Jack of Stories. I plan more of them in the future, so I hope you take a look at them.

I try to write most of my stories in a slow march forward in time, but do not always manage it. Reading the books in order of publishing is never wrong, but I lean in the direction of reading them from early to later in the time line.

Below is my suggested reading order:

The Martian Affair – Taking place in 2080, this is very much a prequel. It was actually written for a Baen short story contest. It introduces a pair of characters that are seen from time to time in later stories.

Forge of War – Taking place in 2304, this is the start of the main Jack of Harts story.

The Audacious Affair – This short story comes in immediately after the end of Forge of War, and introduces a new enemy.

Angel Flight, Angel Strike, and Angel War – In 2307, the Western Alliance has decided it is time to counter attack against the enemy. These three stories detail how well, or badly, that goes.

The Family Affair – The short story slides in behind the Angel stories, and fills in some story elements from both Forge of War and the Angel stories.

The Thunderbird Affair – A stand alone short story taking place in 2309, it introduces a new race of humanity.

Wolfenheim Rising and Emergent – The first two of three stories detailing the Wolfenheim Project, a plan to build a new colony far out in Alien space. I am working on the third part now.

The Gemini Affair – Another stand alone short story from way out in 2395, long after The War has ended. It sets up a new story line I intend to further explore in the future. 🙂