Jack of Harts to me is more than just a story.  It is a visual universe, with real characters and ships and star systems.

To support this, I have commissioned the creation of art by people who I think have amazing talent, all to make Jack of Harts a more visual universe to everyone who reads it.  I will be making the art available to all of you to see it, one piece at a time, in hopes that you will like it as much as I do.

Currently, I am placing them on my deviant art page:

Medron Pryde’s Deviant Art

Here is a sample that can be found there:

This is a list of the artists whose works have been commissioned and will be placed online for people to see, in alphabetical order:

Alderfek’s Deviant Art – He is an amazing ship designer, and has a really fun game to play called Galactic.

Stephen Huda’s Deviant Art – He is an amazing 3-D artist.

Wansworld’s Deviant Art – This guy does some really good character art.

Matt Plog’s Deviant Art – This man makes some truly amazing military designs, and brought life to my idea of what the uniforms in Jack of Harts should look like.