I’ll be honest. I didn’t see it happening. For those who don’t know, the Boy Scouts have changed their name to Scouts. And are going to allow girls into their ranks. I assume the Girl Scouts will follow suit soon. 😉

Seriously, and for those who don’t know, the Boy Scouts of America are a parent organization that runs two primary organizations. The Cub Scouts for young kids. They have allowed both boys and girls since forever I guess. And the Boy Scouts. Now Scouts. They used to run Campfire Girls in the past, but they didn’t have enough membership and shut down the organization. Seems that Girl Scouts took most of the young girls. Yes, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are like Wal-Mart and Target. They are not partners or allies. They are competitors. Which explains why the Girl Scouts are so angry right now.

The point for me is, as I said, I never saw this happening. I’ve referenced the Boy Scouts in my stories. Jack was a Boy Scout, to the great shock and disbelief of just about every lady he tells. 😉 And I’ve used the term Boy Scout to describe more than one man of upright moral character. Will I change any of that? Nope. One of the joys of being hundreds of years in the future is that things change.

Bell-bottoms came back in our universe, so why not the Boy Scouts in mine? Who knows? Maybe the Scouts do so well that they bankrupt the Girl Scouts, buy the organization for a song, and start using the name Boy Scout and Girl Scout for those who enter Scouting. A boy can dream, right?

Whatever the case, I bid the Boy Scouts of America whatever good luck I can give them. They made the name Boy Scout synonymous with moral and upright character in our culture. They have helped raise generations of young boys into good upstanding young men. Being an Eagle Scout is one of the greatest achievements a young man can earn in our time.

It is my supreme hope that the Scouts will be able to successfully navigate the waters ahead of them and maintain that place in our society. For both boys and girls. I hope that future generations will see the Eagle Scout in the same way we do now. And I hope that future Scouts will be looked up to as the epitome of what young adults should be.

They will be in my universe. Here’s to hoping the future proves me right.