The Drug Wars came to a bloody end within a year or two after the Border States started them up for real. After the Federal government lost its hold on power and the States stepped up. After people like Dixie started shooting Drug Lords and the locals realized they finally had a fighting chance. Did I say bloody? Oh yeah. Generations of Mexicans had grown up under the Drug Lords’ thumbs, or fleeing to America where they could live a safer life. Dixie and her allies started the shooting, but it was the Mexicans who hammered the point home in the end. Sometimes with literal hammers. They ended the Drug Lords for good, and the Mexicans decided they were done with their old federal government as well. So they joined up with us of their own choice, and fought with us when the Cybernetic Wars came on the scene. Some history books say we took over Mexico. The people who lived it call those books garbage. Sometimes with the kind of language I don’t like to put in print.