I visited my first Memory World back during The War. They put one in Sunnydale back before all the fighting started, and then built a few more to deal with all data traffic coming in and out of the system during the big fleet buildup. The one I visited was inside one of the moons of Torchdale, the local gas giant and favored refueling spot of every starship for lightyears around. Now the moons are airless hunks of rock, but the cybers went deep down and carved out caves large enough to make even someone like me feel like I’m outside. One of the caves has International Falls in it. An exact replica of the town I grew up in. Full scale. I can go to my favorite watering hole growing up. I can sit on the beach and feel the wind on my face and waves lapping on my toes. They even got the people in there. Robotic avatars that walk around and really do act like the people I remember. It’s a truly perfect memory of the town that was the year I graduated from high school. I love it.