The common idea about Forestborn Peloran you see in the media is that they wear little to no clothing most of the time so they can absorb the light of their natural environment. I mean, who would eat nasty food when you can bask in sunlight like you’re in some hippy socialist commune where everything is fuzzy bunnies and cute puppies? Especially when the network executives can show off a little skin for ratings and say they’re being culturally sensitive. The facts are far less exotic. They eat food like the rest of us. One mouthful at a time. Yeah, they can survive on sunlight alone, but…I once had one tell me it was like cheesecake. Just because you can survive without eating cheesecake, why would you? It’s cheesecake. They like good food as much as anyone else. It’s also quicker to eat and run than lay or sit for hours waiting for the sun to charge them up.