The United States Space Force commissioned the Marauder and Avenger projects to give them hyperspace combat capabilities, and they flew both designs during The War. But it was the Marines who first tested each design in actual combat. The Marauder was a huge craft, approaching the scale of actual frigates due to the massive hyperdrive, and it bristled with built-in weapons and hard points for additional equipment. The Marines loved it. They first tested it nearly a decade before The War began, and quickly adopted it into permanent deployment. Its primary weakness was maneuverability, due once again to the size of the hyperdrive, and the reactors required to power it and the various weapons. Which is where the Avenger came in. Both the Space Force and the Marines wanted a smaller hypercapable fighter, and it took nearly another decade of miniaturization to make that possible. The Avenger was still massive for a fighter, but was much smaller and sleeker than the Marauders. The Marines took them for testing as well, and it was Jack’s squadron who fought the Shang with them after The War started. All because the Marines also always looked for new weapons to throw at their enemies. Sometimes literally.